Man Arrested For Stalking Kim Kardashian – Again

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian had another harrowing encounter with a man obsessed with her after he was found on her property again!

Being rich and famous has its perks, but there are also drawbacks, and no one knows this better than the Kardashians.

Over the years, the famous clan has dealt with numerous stalkers, and another obsessed fan is at it again.

The guy who sent Kim a diamond ring and some Plan B back in July is at it again.

According to reports, the cops swarmed Kim’s San Fernando Valley house last week after Nicholas Costanza was found on her property again.

The incident is disturbing because Costanza already has a restraining order against him, barring him from contacting Kim.

Thankfully, security guards around Kim’s home perimeter detected the man and immediately called the police.

Nicholas Costanza was arrested and booked for felony stalking since [a restraining order was already in place. He’s also facing some serious time because he popped up at her house in February and May.

During one of the prior incidents, Costanza even told her security guards he was there to pick him up to take her to dinner.

The judge believed he was a significant threat over his wild behavior, which included posting crazy messages on social media, as well as a phony marriage certificate.

In July, Costanza was ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from Kim and to stop contacting her. So, after the latest incident, a judge ordered Nicholas Costanza to be held on $150,000 bail.