Kodak Black Announces Collab With Ed Sheeran

Kodak Black and Ed Sheeran have a new song on the way after the British singing superstar revealed he wants to mix things up a bit.

Kodak Black is getting straight back to putting out music following last week’s release of his latest album, Back For Everything. 

The Florida rapper teased an interesting international collaboration out of left field. In a link-up that no one saw coming, Kodak Black has a song coming with British pop superstar Ed Sheeran. 

Kodak took to social media on Sunday to share a series of photos with the singer. In one image, Kodak gifts Ed Sheeran with an 1800 Block, Golden Acres chain.  

“#BackForEverything Out Now 🔥 Me & Ed Sheeran Got Alotta S### Coming 🤧🤑🤧🥶” Kodak wrote in the caption of the post.  


Kodak Black first hinted that he and Ed Sheeran have new music on the way last month. He was unsure whether the song would appear on Back For Everything or on another album coming later this year.  

“I Got A Song Wit Ed Sheeran & Other Elite Artists I Snapped Within a Year,” he said. “My Song With Ed Sheeran So Fye I’m Tryna Decide Should I Put It On This Album Or My Album In August.” 

Ed Sheeran said he’s moving in a different direction musically after being hit up to work with artists from different genres.  

He told BBC Radio 2: “I did a session this morning at 7am with a guy called Kodak Black who’s from America and after that I did a session with a guy called Kwengface who’s from Peckham.” 

Kodak Black Reveals Beyoncé As His Dream Collab  

Meanwhile, Kodak Black recently revealed his dream collab during an appearance of Gillie Da Kid and Wallo’s Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast. He wants to work with Beyoncé but doesn’t require a hook or verse from Queen Bey, a couple of lines will do. 

“Beyoncé, I got two bars for her. I want her to do just two bars,” When Wallo asked what they were, Kodak Black then proceeded to sing the lines. “There’s some pictures of your family, and all our children/Baby boy you already know you the only one missing. That’s all, and I got the rest.” 

Fans of Kodak Black will have to wait for his Ed Sheeran collab, hopefully, it’s coming soon. In the meantime, listen to Back For Everything below. 

Kodak Black Back For Everything

Ed Sheeran image credit: Eva Rinaldi