Kodak Black Reacts To Lil Duval Comparing Him To Kendrick Lamar

Kodak Black

Kodak Black asked his critics to not dismiss his talent after Lil Duval favorably compared the controversial rapper to Kendrick Lamar.

Kodak Black doesn’t think it’s off-base to mention his name in the same category as Kendrick Lamar.

After comedian Lil Duval compared the polarizing rapper to Kendrick Lamar lyrically, Kodak Black addressed his social media critics. The Florida native suggested his skills are downplayed due to his behavior.

“I understand it be controversial S### behind me but I’ll appreciate it if y’all just worry bout me Fa my talent & not da other s### on social media !!!” Kodak Black wrote in an Instagram comment. “Thank You.”

On Tuesday morning, Lil Duval set off a debate by claiming Kodak Black and Kendrick Lamar are comparable lyrically.

“Kodak really up there with Kendrick lyrically but y’all don’t wanna hear it tho,” the comedian wrote.

Lil Duval faced a cavalcade of tweets dismissing his opinion, but he stood his ground.

“Most of yall hating on Kodak don’t even listen to him,” he declared. “your opinion don’t even matter.”

Although Lil Duval laughed at people saying he must’ve meant former NBA center Kendrick Perkins, the backlash didn’t stop him from firing back at Kodak Black’s detractors.

“No u trippin,” he told one Twitter user. “Kodak is most definitely spiritually tapped in. That’s what makes him special.”

Lil Duval suggested fans listen to the song “Before I Go” to understand Kodak Black’s talent.

Stream the aforementioned track below.