Kodak Black Protege Jackboy Attempts To Eat Weed To Escape Cops

The rising rapper attempted to eat the evidence during a police stop.

(AllHipHop News) It’s not every day someone eats weed to try to hide the drug from the cops. 

Recently, Kodak Black’s protege Jackboy was pulled over and apparently, he felt the need to go the extra length to consume his marijuana.

He was busted in Pompano Beach, Florida for tinted windows on his BMW sedan — which apparently reeked of weed.

When the officer approached the rapper, he noticed Jackboy was chewing something in his mouth.

When authorities ordered him to get out of the vehicle, they also asked him to open his mouth.

To their dismay, his mouth was filled with ganja. After proceeding to spit out the saliva-covered bud, police arrested him for possession and tampering with physical evidence.

While marijuana is legal in multiple states including California and Colorado, Florida is not as lenient.

Most recently, his mentor Kodak Black also plead guilty to lying on federal gun applications.

Smh. What would you do?