Kodak Black Shot In Los Angeles, Rapper Hospitalized

Kodak Black

Florida rapper Kodak Black was in a fight during Justin’s Bieber’s Super Bowl party and was one of three people who were shot.

Florida rapper Kodak Black was in a fight after Justin Bieber’s Super Bowl party and was one of three people who were shot.

TMZ says that they spoke to a contact who has first-hand knowledge about the incident, which took place early in the morning on February 12th. 

AllHipHop.com reported that on early Saturday morning after stars were hanging out at The Nice Guy club, bullets started to fly after the rapper punched someone.

However, new sources state that the drama started when unnamed individuals purposefully sought out trouble with Kodak and his crew.

Someone jumped a member of Kodak’s entourage, and when the rapper saw the melee, he jumped in also. After the Haitian artist hopped in the fisticuffs, another unidentified man started shooting.

It is still unclear who the shooter is or how the person was connected to the first fight. Reports say that Kodak Black was shot in his leg but he was not seriously injured.

The Pompano Beach, Florida rapper was taken to the hospital, along with two others, and is now listed in stable condition.

This is sure to mess up his plans for the next few weeks.

He is supposed to be dropping a new album on February 25th and doing an event in Atlanta in about three or four weeks. 

And about an hour before he was shot, he announced his new project, “🔥🔥🔥 I’m Dropping This 2-22-22 #IWish 🔥🔥🔥 Go Pre-Order My album Coming out 2-25-22 #BackForEverything”