Kodak Black Throws $100k Into The Ocean Sparking Outrage

Kodak Black

People are not happy with rap star Kodak Black, and his latest gluttonous display of wealth on his social media platform.

As the country struggles out of a recession, rapper Kodak Black had sparked outrage after he tossed $100,000 into the ocean during a recent ride on a Yacht.

The Haitian rapper, who came from humble beginnings, posted on his Instagram a silent video of him making it rain on the crashing waves.

The caption said, “I Broke You Off When Dem F### N##### Wouldn’t Give You A Dime !!! I Ain’t Owe You S### N#### I Just Wanted To See You Shine !!! Yeen Never Gave Me S### N#### I Had My Own Grind !!!!”


Kodak later posted on Twitter himself flushing a thousand dollars down his toilet, even placing his hand in there to push further.


Some are suggesting Kodak’s egregious behavior stems from a falling out with JackBoy over money.

Whatever the reason, the gluttonous and careless act did not fare well with social media.

“Kodak black just stuck his hand in a toilet & I’m just flabbergasted”


“Kodak black is one of the ugliest and dirtiest attention seeking rapper ever”


“Kodak black really sat on Beyoncé’s internet and posted a video of himself flushing 1,000 down the toilet. Like…why?”

“Kodak Black is so embarrassing!”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the U.S. Department of Labor during the first quarter of 2021, the average Black man made median weekly earnings $834 a week.

to the Migration Policy organization, the average Haitian American household makes $1,032 a week.

Perhaps, he should have considered giving the money back his community.