Kodak Black’s Lawyer Slams Post Malone Lawsuit

Brad Cohen takes to Instagram to blast his colleagues for being underhanded.

Kodak Black’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, is tired of attorneys getting a bad name, although he acknowledges that some lawyers are dirtbags.

On Tuesday (September 19), Cohen took to Instagram to post a headline from Radar Online that read, “Post Malone Accused of ‘Physical Abuse’ of Ex-Girlfriend Ashlen, Lawyer Claims to Have Photographic Evidence to Prove Allegations.”

The story in question claimed Martorell Law was suing the chart-topper for an assault perpetrated against his former lover. In the legal case, the firm asserted that Malone had persuaded Diaz to terminate their legal representation and negotiate on her own a confidential agreement directly with him. The lawyers seem to think that the pop star hit his ex with $350,000 as a settlement for her claims. Thus, they’ve leveled a campaign to get something from the case.

Cohen is disgusted by this tactic. As he wrote in the caption, “This is an example of in my opinion, what disgusting lawyers do and what gives lawyers a bad name. This firm, Martorell Law, at one time, represented Posts ex GF seeking a palimony settlement.

“She fired them and settled privately with Post. She then requested the Judge to dismiss the case. These guys now sue and say they have texts and pictures to show abuse. I would imagine given to them by their ex client.”

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Cohen blasted them for wanting “to get paid for the ‘work’ they did” and for expecting the Grammy Award winner to “be responsible for their contingency fee.”

“This lawsuit is idiotic, in my opinion, breaches several legal fiduciary duties and is something that gives attys reputations of being jerks,” he concluded. “Nasty move and a nasty way to try and get 100k in fees. Weak lawyering weak case and weak move.”

Martorell Law hasn’t responded to the call-out.