Kraft Mac ‘N’ Cheese Ice Cream? Twitter Says A Collective ‘Yuck!’

The unlikely combination has been getting great reviews from critics, but is it too much for regular people’s taste?

In the words of Armon Wiggins, “I know you lying!”

Ice Cream brand Van Leeuwen has just released its new ice cream flavor, Kraft Mac ‘N’ Cheese … and you know what? Ice cream fans are not jacking it.

The New York-based creamery has partnered with The Kraft Heinz Company to bring the boxed version of the Black grandma classic (that nobody’s granny was ever trying to let you eat). 

According to, the brand that is used to having more upper-scaled French flavors like Royal Wedding (elderflower and lemon) and Earl Grey has incorporated the “cheese powder” into the ice cream. This powder makes the dessert the same Donald Trump-orange color that one might find if they whip up a pot of the quick boil side.

Kraft ice cream (Promo)

Food critic Amy McCarthy tried the ice cream and gave her review. 

She said, “The seemingly weird combination of cheese powder and ice cream works because its ingredients are really not all that different from what you’d typically pair Kraft’s cheese powder with. Macaroni and cheese is already made with milk and cream, and many recipes for the dish call for a little bit of sugar — a tablespoon or so — to balance out all that tangy dairy. Salty-sweet is an unbeatable flavor combination, and that’s exactly what’s going on here. The only thing that’s absent is the noodles, and they are absolutely not missed.”

Twitter seems to have mixed reviews on what it might taste like, but most fans ain’t wit it.

“I think this sounds disgusting, but you may not. Would you try the new Van Leeuwen Kraft Mac n cheese ice cream? Let your voice be heard and VOTE! Let’s share it and get it to go viral! #icecream #macncheese #kraft #thursdayvibes #new #vanneeuwen #cheese #foodie #food”

“Kraft mac & cheese ice cream flavor ? Idk man….”

“My son who lives for Kraft mac and cheese and loves ice cream said “why would you put those together” when he heard about this on NPR this morning. If you can’t get a 7 year old behind something, you’re doing it wrong.”

“I’m pretty sure there’s a spot in Brooklyn that does cheese ice cream that’s actually good, kinda like cheesecake. But Kraft?”

“In what can only be characterized as nonsense. Kraft Mac&Cheese is coming out with Mac&Cheese flavored ice cream.”

But a couple of people found the thought appealing.

“The Founders ate Parmesan ice cream, so really this is actually an act of patriotism by Kraft”

“I gotta try Kraft Dinner ice cream, I know I’m nasty – I plea the 5th”

To be fair, most of the people who said they weren’t checking for the ice cream have not tasted it and will probably never try it. And all the reviews online … encourage folk to run and get a scoop.