KTLA Reporter Apologizes To Cardi B For Misrepresenting Her Comments About Protesting

Doug Kolk acknowledged his mistake on the air and on social media.

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(AllHipHop News) People around the world are tuned in to what is currently happening in the streets of the United States. Protests have broken out across the country following the filmed murder of unarmed African-American George Floyd at the hands of white police officer Derek Chauvin. 

Many celebrities addressed the brutal killing in Minneapolis, the resulting uprising in multiple cities, and the systemic racism embedded in American culture. Last week, Cardi B posted a video expressing her understanding of the widespread anger over police brutality. She also called on people to vote in elections.

Doug Kolk, a reporter for Los Angeles’ KTLA channel, covered Cardi’s message about the protests. However, he edited her video to make it seem as if the “Bodak Yellow” rapper was promoting violence. 

Cardi’s fans began sending her clips of the KTLA newscast. She responded to the segment by tweeting, “KTLA SUCK MY D*CK. [I’m] not promoting violence in promoting the PROTEST.”

The Grammy winner also posted, “@DougKolk why your no lip square head having ass ain’t put the part [where] I said to vote? You cottage cheese breath having b*tch. Why don’t you post how a conservative Christian trump supporter post my [address] and encourage people to loot my home (which by the way he goin to jail).”

With 12 million followers on Twitter, Cardi’s response gained a lot of attention on the platform. The first tweet amassed more than 6,500 retweets and 38,000 likes. 

After facing backlash, Kolk offered a public mea culpa to the rap star on Twitter. He also apologized to her on the air and played the entirety of her Twitter video about the protests.

“I apologize to @iamcardib if I took her words out of context. I respect her for using her platform to connect with people during these difficult times and it was wrong of me to not let her full voice be heard. I will make sure that is corrected during my next segment,” tweeted Kolk.