Latto Seeks “Constructive Criticism” From 777 Radio Show Fans: “How Can I Be A Better Host?” 


Latto wants feedback from listeners of her new Apple Music 1 podcast 777 Radio and is addressing the criticism over her first show.

Latto is making her foray into presenting very seriously after the launch of her new Apple Music podcast titled 777 Radio

After first announcing the show last week, the debut episode aired on Thursday (Mar. 30), featuring Chlöe Bailey.  

Latto took to social media shortly after the broadcast to hear fans’ feedback. She also wanted to clear up a few questions about the episode.  

While she didn’t state what prompted the clarification, Latto made sure fans knew she recorded the episode with Chlöe more than six months ago. “Hey jackasses! This #777Radio Chloe episode was filmed in September! 💡🤯” she tweeted. 

The Ohio native also sought “constructive” critique from her followers, with added emphasis on the “constructive.” 

“How can I be a better host? Like frfr!” Latto asked before adding that she still has episodes to film. “So I’d love to hear sum CONSTRUCTIVE criticism from ppl who actually watched/listened to the episode!” 

One fan suggested Latto “Listen more without interrupting the guests,” claiming she “cut Chlöe off a lot to either agree with her or add your own story.”  

Latto took the 777 Radio feedback graciously, stating, “I said this to myself too lol I agree 🥴 NOTED! ✍” 

Latto also expressed relief at finally airing the show and promised the next 777 Radio episode is more current.  

“Omg I loveeee it!” she declared when asked how she felt about having her own platform. “I’ve been sitting on this for some time now handling the business (hence why I told y’all Chloe episode was filmed in September) so I’m happy it’s finally out! The next episode was recently filmed tho so it’ll be more current.” 

She also confirmed her younger sister, model and influencer Brooklyn Nikole, will appear at some point, but her next guest “will be a female rapper.”