Latto Sells Her “Used” Panties On eBay, Fans Bid Almost $100,000 


Latto responded to a troll who called her out for wearing the same pair of cheetah-print panties by putting them on eBay.

Latto decided to capitalize off a troll’s comment about her panties by offloading her used underwear on eBay. 

A Twitter user called out the “Big Energy” rapper on Sunday (Jan. 29) for seemingly wearing the same pair of panties more than once. While Latto initially clapped back at the tweet, she slept on it and devised a better response. 

On Monday evening, Latto revealed she would be selling the panties in question, or at least a similar pair, via an eBay auction.  

“Auction live on eBay since I can’t wear them twice Link in bio,” Latto wrote in the caption of an Instagram post. She also shared an image of the eBay listing featuring her cheetah-print panties alongside a description: “Latto’s everyday cheetah print panties,” she wrote in the listing before adding, “Used” and “As seen on Latto multiple times.”

Latto opened the bidding at 99 cents, and various screenshots show bids had risen to over $95,000. More than 100 people entered the auction before Latto took the listing down. 

She also gave her Ifans a glimpse inside her underwear drawer during an Instagram Live on Monday. The Grammy-nominated artist also explained that she has multiple pairs of the same cheetah-print panties. 

“These are all my Target panties that caused such a discrepancy yesterday,” she stated. “So um, $5 at Target. Here’s the cheetah stash. So, that’s two, three, four, yeah, clean. Five. Oh look, this one has a brand new tag on it. So that’s cute.” 

A Twitter user kicked off panty-gate on Sunday by sharing two images of the Ohio native wearing two different outfits but the same style of cheetah-print panties. “Can’t afford new panties ?” they questioned. 

Latto responded, “Oh no, it’s the panty police.” She also changed her profile pic to an image of the offending panties.