Lauryn Hill Backs California FAIR Act For Artists

Lauryn Hill

The Fugees member comments on the “harsh and insensitive practices” of the music business.

Ms. Lauryn Hill is backing legislation looking to amend Section 2855 of the Labor Code in California. The enigmatic emcee urges lawmakers in the state to vote for the FAIR Act.

Assemblymember Ash Kalra (D-San Jose) introduced Assembly Bill 2926 in February. AB2926 is also known as the Free Artists from Industry Restrictions Act.

If the FAIR Act passes the full California State Legislature, the law will cap record contracts for California-based artists or California-based music labels at seven years. Lauryn Hill posted a lengthy endorsement of the FAIR Act on her Instagram page.

The 8-time Grammy winner wrote, in part:

We would love to believe that businesses at the highest level are always run by fair practices and moral prerogatives, but this is more often than not, not the case. For this reason, laws MUST exist that protect people from harsh and insensitive practices like artist suppression, and willful sabotage and neglect. Record companies are still peopled and run by… Well, people—with personal policies, biases, and issues we may know nothing about. Artists can easily fall prey to the internal politics of business, someone inside simply not liking them, or bullying and intimidation and the attacks that come when someone resists that coercion.

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Singer/Songwriter Aloe Blacc Also Backs The FAIR Act

Numerous other music industry insiders have spoken out in support of the FAIR Act. For example, “The Man” singer Aloe Blacc is also a huge proponent of Assemblymember Kalra’s AB2926.

“As a recording artist, I call upon our label partners to work with us in the fight for FAIR. Gone are the days where labels need five exclusive albums to turn a profit,” stated Aloe Blacc.

The All Love Everything album creator continued, “Labels are hugely profitable in the new music economy while many artists continue to struggle financially. FAIR is an important and overdue change to an antiquated law that will help the entire music ecosystem.”

The FAIR Act passed out of the California State Assembly’s Labor & Employment Committee on March 30 with a 4-2 vote. The bill now moves to the Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, and Internet Media Committee. The next hearing and vote will take place on April 19.

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