Lawsuit Filed Against Jay-Z’s Cannabis Company Claiming Weed Smuggling


The parent company is at the center of the complaint and denies allegations.

Rapper-turned-mogul Jay-Z is about to catch some legal smoke after a lawsuit claimed his cannabis brand has been smuggling, hustling, and a bunch of other bad things since its launch.

According to, Jay-Z’s Monogram cannabis is accused of illegally transporting its product across the country, moving it from California to New York. While cannabis is legal in the states, it continues to be a federal Schedule 1 substance under the Control Substances Act— and illegal to be shipped, the DEA informs.

Monogram is also under the gun as a complaint alleges the company filed reports that were not accurate and practiced gender discrimination.

The complaint was filed last month by Cathi Clay, a former vice president at The Parent Company (TPCO), the parent company to Monogram.

In the lawsuit, she claimed  TPCO executives harassed and discriminated against her because she was a woman. After she filed a whistleblower report, one that reported the brand violated state cannabis regulations and submitted inaccurate financial records, Clay says the group of executives retaliated against her.

Jay-Z is included because Monogram is the cannabis brand connected to him and his Roc Nation company, working with Jadakiss, 2 Chainz, and Curren$y to promote. He is also the Chief Visionary Officer for TPCO.

An official statement from TPCO states all of the allegations put forth by Clay are “false.”