EXCLUSIVE: Lawyer Gives Up On Deposing Damon Dash After Vicious Verbal Attacks

The guys suing Damon Dash no longer have the patience to sit down rap boss in a dispute over a movie called “Dear Frank”/”The List.”

(AllHipHop News) The guy suing Damon Dash in a legal war over a movie they were making together has given up on trying to depose the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder.

Damon Dash was hit with sanctions over a heated deposition he gave on November 21st in a lawsuit over a flick called “Dear Frank” or “The List,” depending on who you side with.

Josh Webber is suing Dame, claiming he stole the film “Dear Frank” and is marketing the same movie under the title “The List.”

Last week, Damon gave an extremely angry interview over the movie and as accused of verbally attacking lawyer Christopher Brown 20 different times in under an hour.


Things grew so heated, that someone called 911 during Dame’s deposition, but he left with his entourage before the cops arrived.

Despite the sanctions, Damon continued his attack on Christopher Brown during an interview on the street.

According to court documents filed by Christopher Brown getting Damon to sit down for another deposition in pointless.


“Plaintiffs’ counsel does not believe that another deposition of Mr. Dash would be beneficial or effective, and the Court did not Order an additional deposition be taken of Mr. Dash,” Christopher Brown wrote.

Brown is asking the judge to clarify as to whether or not the deposition is even needed to move forward with Webber’s claims against Damon Dash.

“Plaintiffs has no interest in wasting their time and resources any further after 3 failed attempts to complete Dash’s deposition,” Christopher Brown wrote.