Alleged Audio Of Young Thug Telling Lil Baby To Respond To Gunna On New Album Sparks Debate

Young Thug

In two new audio recordings, Young Thug allegedly told Lil Durk and Lil Baby to join forces and respond to Gunna on Business is Business.

Young Thug invited Lil Durk and Lil Baby to respond to Gunna on his newly released Business Is Business album, according to a couple of leaked audio snippets. The clips, which appear to be jail calls between Thugger and the two rappers, hit the net Thursday night (June 22).  

In one clip, a voice that sounds remarkably like Young Thug advises “Durk” to save any response to “f### n###a” Gunna for Business Is Business and reveals the project was due to be released on the same day as Gunna’s A Gift & a Curse album. 

“Hey Durk, I’m dropping this surprise album on the same day buddy drop his album,” Young Thug purportedly said. “That s### coming up soon. I need a verse from you If you feel like you want to reply to what that n###a saying, don’t do it. Drop it on my album. I’m dropping a surprise album on the same day f### n###a dropping. Send your verse in bro. I want you and [Lil Baby] on the same song.” 

The second audio is seemingly Young Thug making a similar request of “Wham” AKA Lil Baby. 

“If you thinking about responding to the lil s### buddy that put out… I want you to respond on my album,” he said. “I’m a drop this spontaneous album on the same day he drop his album, I’m a name that s### ‘Business Is Business.” 

Some people online were skeptical of the recordings, writing them off as deep fakes. Others claimed Young Thug’s own sister branded the recordings as AI fakes.  

The recording states Young Thug planned to drop his new album at the same time as Gunna (June 16) , but Thugger actually dropped a week later. He also allegedly asked Lil Durk and Lil Baby to hop on a track together, although neither of them appears on Business Is Business

Earlier this year, Lil Durk accused Gunna of snitching on Young Thug in the YSL Rico Case.  

“That man told,” ” he said on DJ Akademiks’ Off The Record podcast. “You shoulda went in there and kept your mouth closed. If you’re a rat, you’re a rat, I f###### hate you. Cause I love Thug.”

Both Durk and Lil Baby reportedly unfollowed Gunna on Instagram shortly after he took an Alford Plea.