Legal Docs Say Blueface’s Las Vegas Shooting Prompted By Bad Joke


A bad joke outside of a strip club sent Blueface into a rage and he ended up trying to shoot a man in the ensuing argument! Read more!

New information about what led up to Blueface allegedly shooting at a truck on Saturday, October 8th, outside of Las Vegas Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club is being released.

According to TMZ, legal documents say the rapper responded violently after his victim made a slick remark that was supposed to be a joke. 

However, the California native did not find anything funny.

Allegedly, the target said something about Blueface talking to “some females in a cheap vehicle.” Some of the people down with the Cash Money West rapper overheard it. The crew members went over and hit the man “multiple times.”

As the man tried to leave the scene in his truck, Blueface’s people thought the man was “going for a gun,” and they alerted the rapper.

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This is why Blueface allegedly fired shots at the man’s truck as he attempted to get away from the situation. 

Responding police officers said they observed several bullet marks on the truck and that the victim appeared to have sustained a “bullet graze wound” on his left hand.

As reported by, Blueface has been charged with attempted murder for the altercation.

On Wednesday, November 16th, he appeared in court where a judge set bail at $50,000, calling the figure a “reasonable sum” based on the “quite serious” allegations. 

The judge ordered Blueface to comply with the conditions of his release, including having no contact with the alleged victim in the case. He must also stay out of trouble and keep in touch with his attorneys. 

Meanwhile, a video of the October 8th incident surfaced, allegedly showing Blueface shooting at a vehicle.