Lil Baby, James Harden Busted In Paris With Marijuana

James Harden and Lil Baby

Lil Baby and James Harden were stopped by the cops earlier today in Paris France, and they were caught with a bunch of weed!

Rap star Lil Baby NBA star James Harden have run into some legal problems in Paris.

The pair are in town together, to celebrate Paris Fashion Week. According to reports, the cops stopped a vehicle the pair were traveling in and found a stash of weed.

Local newspaper Le Parisien, reported that cops smelled marijuana emanating from their vehicle, so they conducted a search.

The cops said they discovered approximately 20 grams of “herbal cannabis” in the center console of the vehicle. James Harden was allowed to walk free, but Lil Baby and two of his associates were taken into custody and charged with transporting narcotics.

According to Forbes, France has some of the strictest laws against cannabis in Europe, even though a high percentage of its citizens uses the drug.

In fact, a poll revealed that over 50% of the city’s leaders were in favor of the criminalizing marijuana.

Lil Baby and his friends could face up to one year in prison, although he is more likely to be fined.

The Atlanta rap star has managed to keep his nose clean the past few years.

His last brush with the law was in February of 2019 when he was arrested for reckless driving in his corvette, and attempting to flee a Georgia State trooper.

James Harden served as the executive producer of Lil Baby and Lil Durk’s#### album The Voice of the Heroes.