Lil Baby Goes All Out For Jayda Cheaves On Christmas

Lil Baby

Lil Baby went all out for Jayda Cheaves this Christmas. He flaunted his wealth by copping her one of the most expensive cars on the road!

Rapper Lil Baby made sure he took good care of the mother of his child for Christmas.

Jayda Cheaves admitted she and the Atlanta rapper were no longer an item earlier this month.

Jayda confirmed the pair had simply “outgrown” each other during an Instagram live.

The news came amongst sensational rumors that Lil Baby was blowing a bag on Saweetie, speculation he eventually denied.

However, the split did not stop him from going all out for Jayda Wayda. She took Instagram to show off the expensive gifts Lil Baby bought her for Christmas.

The two Chanel bags he purchased for her would have been enough for most, but the rapper outdid himself with his next gift. He shocked his baby’s mom by giving her an expensive Rolls-Royce.


She posed in front of the expensive car with their son in amazement of Lil Baby’s generosity during the holiday.

Fans also had some interesting reactions.

“Fly s### only,” Fabolous’ longtime girlfriend Emily B. said, while another fan joked “@lilbaby Gettin sum buns tonight.” 

It is great to see Lil Baby treating the mother of his child so well. And, the rapper sure can afford it.

According to his calculation, Lil Baby is worth almost $100 million.

Back in July, the rapper confirmed he had reached the milestone, thanks to his hit songs, his many features, and his rigorous touring schedule, where he pulls down an estimated $400,000 per show.