Lil Boosie Wants To Direct The “Young Thug & YSL” Movie, Releases New Comedy In Time For Christmas

Lil Boosie Young Thug

Lil Boosie is getting into the movie game pretty heavy and he just might try to document the ongoing legal plight of Young Thug and YSL.

By Algernon Billups and Houston Williams

Lil Boosie is known as a rap artist and a favorite on social media, but he’s also a burgeoning movie director. The Baton Rouge artist said he would be open to craft a movie based on the real life legal exploits of Young Thug and his YSL Records

Boosie has been an ardent supporter of Young Thug and YSL and would certainly give them fair and unbalanced reporting if he were to document their plight.

Boosie BadAzz, frequently targeted for social media “Where’s MJ,” which hits on Christmas Day. The film was directed, written, and produced by the controversial artist and his team at Boosie BadAzz Productions. The movie plot is like the classic movie “Home Alone,” but seen through a Black lens. It stars Actor/Comedian, Desi Banks, Grove Hero, Tootie Raww (Boosie’s Son), Boosie and many others. The instant hood classic even boasts special appearances by legendary Public Enemy hype man, Flavor Flav and the late Atlanta rapper, Trouble. 

However, Boosie already is pondering his next move, which may include ongoing RICO case of Young Thug and YSL versus the City of Atlanta. The rapper has been 

“I’ll document it. I’ll shoot the film,” Boosie told AllHipHop at the film’s premier at Clark Atlanta University. “Free all them boys. I don’t want nobody in there.”

Boosie also mentioned freedom for YFN Lucci, a rap artist that claims Young Thug’s YSL tentacles attempted to murder him inside of the Fulton County Jail. Lucci, like Thugger, is now incarcerated on RICO charges that include murder.

Boosie is not incumbered by these legal matters and the content of “Where’s MJ,” is a project oozing in hood entrepreneurship and community support. 

Boosie closed the evening by thanking everyone, and then presenting Clark Atlanta University with a check for $15,000 for their contributions to his  cinematic pursuits. 

Where’s MJ is a fun filled slapstick style of comedy that is set within a multiverse of hood antics and Hip Hop themed scenarios. There is no shortage of laughter with this BadAzz production. 

“Where’s MJ” is available at

Boosie Where's MJ
Photo: Algernon Billups