Lil Boosie’s Hood Idol And Mentor Busted For Drug Dealing


One of Boosie’s childhood idols has been locked up for drug dealing.

A man whom rap star Lil Boosie idolizes has been sent to jail for drug trafficking.

According to local reports, the rap star’s “mentor” Calvin Ricks was arrested last week in their hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

An investigation into Ricks’ alleged drug dealing activity started in April after neighbors complained about drug dealing in two houses on 69th Avenue in the city. Surveillance of the houses intensified after someone overdosed inside of one of the residences, which are both supposedly owned by Ricks.

The SWAT team set up a perimeter and raided the houses, where they busted Ricks and two of his associates. Ricks was hit with several charges, including possession with intent to distribute heroin, fentanyl, marijuana, and suboxone strips.

WBRZ Channel 2 reported that Ricks was being held without bond because he also has pending domestic violence charges against him.

Boosie is very fond of Calvin Ricks. He mentions him and songs like “Top The Bottom,” “Keep It Gutta” and “I’m That N#### Now,” where he raps:

You ain’t got to tell me girl I know I’m the s###/Got my stunt from Calvin Rick’s/He liked gold on his s###