Lil Cease Explains Why Nicki Minaj And Lil Kim Verzuz Should Happen

Nicki Minaj Lil Cease and Lil Kim

Lil Cease believes a Verzuz between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj would be a celebration and not a battle! Check out this interview with the rapper!

Lil’ Cease has weighed in on Lil’ Kim suggesting that Nicki Minaj should be her opponent in a Verzuz event.

In his opinion, he believes that it would be great for the culture — particularly since Verzuz is not a battle but a celebration of two artists.

“I think it would be great for the culture. I think that when everybody heard Kim say it they took it the wrong way,” the “Crush on You” rapper shared.

“If you felt like they had issues, this would be the time to get them both in the same room,” Lil Cease continued.

“Kim was just extending that invite. Saying, ‘I would rather go with her because I think it makes sense.’ It is not about the era; it is about two songs from two queens; One passing the baton and one showing love to ‘The Queen.”

Still, with all of that, the Brooklyn representative said that he had Lil Kim over Nicki Minaj all day.

While Kim would like to see her and Nicki go back and forth, and perhaps bury the hatchet, people are not really jacking it. Fans want that Kim and Foxy Brown Verzuz.

Check out the Twitter responses:

“lil kim just said she would do a verzuz with nicki…. but why???? foxy brown is right there…”

“lil kim should go against foxy brown and foxy brown ONLY. her and nicki were two different time periods, it simply wouldn’t work.”

“I think Foxy would be a better fit but this would be interesting if they squash their beef. That would be cool.”

“I agree facing foxy would be more ideal. Nicki is cold without a doubt, but this new era forget Lil Kim has got HITS… their versuz would litty”

Wonder what the Ill Na Na is saying? Check out her subs on her IG Story where she called her “shook” and “thirst.”

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