Lil Dicky Explains How Bar Mitzvah Launched His Rap Career

The rapper explains how his parents were not with the decision at all.

(AllHipHop News) Jewish rapper Lil Dicky used the cash gifts from his bar mitzvah to kickstart his music career.

The “Freaky Friday” hitmaker came into a lot of money when he turned 13, but his frugal parents refused to let him have the loot until he was more mature.

“Finally, when I was, like, a 23-year old I thought, ‘What am I gonna spend my money on?'” the hitmaker, real name Dave Burd, tells Good Morning America. “I actually used my bar mitzvah money to finance my rap career.

“They (parents) were pretty anti (the idea). I said, ‘What am I gonna do? When I’m 28, buy a couch with this money? Why wouldn’t I pursue my dreams?’

“I think rap was a curveball for them… that I knocked outta the park.”

The big spend paid off and now Burd is launching his own TV show, based on his life as the most unlikely rapper.

He admits a lot of the crazy things on the show, Dave, are based on his real life.

“I happen to be in the position where my life is very naturally entertaining,” he adds. “I’m a rapper and I go on tour and rap in front of thousands of people but then, at the same time, when I record, my nose is too stuffed. It’s the juxtaposition of those two worlds.”