Lil Durk Admits He Was Floored When Jay-Z Told Him: “You Motivate Me” 

Lil Durk Jay-Z

Lil Durk has previously crowned himself The Chicago Jay-Z but that didn’t stop him from being “shocked” at high praise from Hov.

Lil Durk has revealed a passing encounter with Jay-Z left such a profound impression on him that he forgot what happened next.

Despite being one of the biggest stars in the rap world right now, the Chicago native was “shocked” when Hov gave him his flowers. During a recent XXL cover story, Lil Durk recalled how a few words for Jay-Z left him so surprised he can’t even remember his response.  

The rappers shared a brief conversation last year at one of Michel Rubin’s star-studded parties. As Jay-Z walked past him, he told Lil Durk, “Man, you motivate me.”  

The “Laugh Now Cry Later” hitmaker shared, “Man, f### me up. I forgot my reply to him, ’cause it was on a walk-by. The reply ain’t make no damn sense ’cause it shocked me. I’m like, What the f###? Damn, that’s hard.” 

Elsewhere in the interview, Lil Durk revealed that Hip-Hop’s lone billionaire inspires him to build an empire of his own. 

“Look what he did,” Durkio declared. “Résumé speak for itself. He used to be in this position. He used to be the underdog. The streets used to take him under. And he bossed up, nah’m sayin’? You ain’t see him post pictures every day tryna fit in.” 

While the Roc Nation honcho isn’t in his current Top. 5, Lil Durk does consider himself Chicago’s Jay-Z.  

“My top five right now is Baby, Future, Drake, King Von and Chief Wuk,” he revealed. “They got the culture going crazy, just turning up in they own way,” Lil Durk explained before adding, “And everybody I named just like got they own typa style. Everybody don’t sound alike.”