Lil Durk Denies Beefing With NBA YoungBoy To Promote New Album

Lil Durk

Lil Durk’s ‘Almost Healed’ album was originally scheduled to drop on the same day as NBA YoungBoy’s ‘Richest Opp’ project.

Lil Durk insisted he’s not trying to antagonize NBA YoungBoy to boost album sales.

DJ Akademiks asked Lil Durk about the rapper’s feud with NBA YoungBoy on the Off the Record podcast. Durkio dismissed the idea he’s using NBA YoungBoy for promo. The Alamo Records artist claimed he was surprised to see his rival lash out at him on social media.

“I promise you, I don’t think about that man,” Lil Durk said. “Zero! I was shocked when I woke up to that s###. I’m like, ‘What the f###? Gotta be a fake page.’”

He continued, “Why would I use you for promo when I know I’ma outsell you? A m########### sit up and be like, ‘You gon’ outsell him, but he have a bigger …’ Well, who using who for promo?”

Lil Durk’s Almost Healed album and NBA YoungBoy’s Richest Opp project were originally scheduled to drop on the same day. Durkio decided to delay his album but still faced the wrath of NBA YoungBoy on Twitter.

“@lildurk you a b#### & yo nasty ass hoe and it’s shown and @Akademiks you a pure Fat hoe who mouth gone be the reason,” NBA YoungBoy wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “you from now on (‘invalid’).”

He added, “@lildurk lol you ever realized you only get a buzz when one of your friends die.”

Lil Durk’s Almost Healed will be released on Friday (May 26). The lead single “All My Life” featuring J. Cole debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.