Lil Durk Wants To Sell A Piece Of His Lucrative Song To Fans

Lil Durk

Lil Durk is offering fans a way to own a share of his song’s royalties and access to his ‘Grand Theft Auto’ roleplay server.

Lil Durk partnered with the investment platform Exceed Talent Capital to offer fans shares of his next song’s royalties.

Exceed will launch an IPO for the OTF rapper’s song “Bedtime” featuring Doodle Lo, allowing fans to own a share of the royalty income. Exceed will also release the “Trenches All-Access Pass,” providing priority list reservations for the IPO’s sale and an easy way to join Lil Durk’s Grand Theft Auto roleplay server.

The “Trenches All-Access Pass” grants instant entry into Lil Durk’s GTA server known as The Trenches. The server has 15,000 people on the waitlist, but the pass allows players to jump the line with lifetime access.

“Where I’m from, few own anything,” Lil Durk said in a press release. “As The Voice of the Trenches and for my label OTF, I’m always looking for ways to expand and give back to my people. Exceed makes it possible for my fans to become part of my team and share in our success together.”

The “Trenches All-Access Pass” includes loot boxes with in-game wearable items, limited edition merch and VIP concert tickets. Pass owners get opportunities to interact with Lil Durk as well.

Fans can sign up for the “Trenches All-Access Pass” here.