Lil Keed Dead Days After YSL Taken Down By Feds

Lil Keed

YSL Records took a huge loss earlier this morning, with the passing of one of their best artists, Lil Keed.

Budding rapper YSL Records artist Lil Keed has died, his brother and rapper Lil Gotit confirmed.

So far, the cause of death of the 24-year-old has yet to be revealed.

However, Lil Gotit discussed his brother’s passing on social media earlier this morning ( May 14th).

“Whyyy bra whyyy u leave me bra,” Lil Keed said in a post on his Instagram stories feed.

“Can’t believe seened u die today bro did all my cries know what u want me to do and that’s go hard for Mama Daddy Our Brothers Naychur and Whiteboy #maHoldthisShitDown,” Lil Gotit said.

During his short life, Lil Keed released critically acclaimed projects like 2019’s Long Live Mexico and 2020’s Trapped on Cleveland 3, via the YSL label. The rapper also earned a Gold plaque for the single “Nameless.”

During an interview with AllHipHop, Lil Gotit discussed the bond he shares with his younger brother and how he taught Lil Keed to rap.

“For a second in the beginning, I wasn’t even rapping. I was on some real playful ass rapping in the beginning of my career,” Lil Gotit said.

“I went from playful rapping, but he’s been walking. I turn around, he just started walking. His ass hard, Keed hard. When I became sober, I started really sitting down and putting my music together. My songs, my lyrics, all types of s###,” Lil Gotit said of his brother Lil Keed.

News of Lil Keed’s death caps off a traumatic week for YSL Records.

As widely reported, Young Thug, Gunna, Lil Duke, Unfook, and 24 other members associated with YSL were indicted in a sweeping RICO indictment.

The Feds claim Young Thug is a leader and co-founder of the gang Young Slime Life, which was responsible for murder, drug dealing, shootings, and other crimes according to the 56-page indictment.

Before his passing, Lil Keed flatly denied the allegations against his YSL brothers.

“YSL is a family. YSL is a label. YSL is a way of life. YSL is a lifestyle. YSL is not a gang. YSL is not a criminal [organization]. YSL is not a street gang. YSL is not a mob,” posted Lil Keed.