Lil Kim’s Bodyguard Gets A Year In Dubai Slammer For Protecting Trey Songz

Lil Kim

Cornell Whitfield, who served as Lil Kim’s bodyguard, was sentenced to prison time over an incident involving Trey Songz in Dubai.

Lil Kim’s bodyguard Cornell Whitfield received a one-year prison sentence for an alleged assault in Dubai. Whitfield was accused of slapping a man at the FIVE Palm Jumeirah hotel in March.

The 40-year-old bodyguard intervened when a drunk man confronted Trey Songz on their way out of the hotel in Dubai. Whitfield claimed he acted in self-defense, protecting Trey Songz from a man acting in a threatening manner.

According to the advocacy group Detained in Dubai, the alleged victim wanted $60,000 to drop his assault claims. Lil Kim’s bodyguard did not have the money to pay the man. Whitfield assumed he would be acquitted of criminal charges, but he was arrested when he returned to Dubai in August.

Whitfield’s family said security footage and witnesses confirmed he was simply doing his job. Detained in Dubai CEO Radha Stirling advocated for his release.

“We hope the police and judges will review the CCTV evidence and witness statements, understand that Whitfield was defending his client and allow him to travel home without incarceration,” Stirling said. “Until then, we recommend celebrities call out Dubai for these repeated cases of injustice.”

Stirling spoke with Whitfield, who said Lil Kim was “devastated” over his legal troubles. The bodyguard told Stirling the U.S. Embassy offered him no help.