Lil Nas X’s Man Parts Try To Make Surprise Appearance During SNL Performance

Lil Nas X/SNL

Lil Nas X ripped his pants and damn near exposed his junk during a high profile appearance on SNL.

Lil Nas X almost let it all hang out during his performance on “SNL” last night (May 22).

The rap star was the musical guest on SNL. He decided to close out the show with his hit song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” when he had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

Everything was going fine, as Lil Nas X was prancing, dancing, gyrating and grinding on with his male back up dancers. Just as money was raining down on the rapper, he climbed up a stripper pole and his tight pants ripped open, as dropped down to twerking.

The rapper knew something was up, so he immediately covered his man parts Michael Jackson style, and continued to his performance.

The rapper managed to keep his cool, as his six dancers grabbed at his waist and man parts, apparently oblivious to the faux pas.

Lil Nas X said his pants ripping capped off a hectic 24 hours, due to COVID.

“At first i was afraid to even perform. then we rehearsed for 2 weeks, then all of the dancers got removed because one had covid and new ones had to learn the routine in 24 hours, and then i ended up ripping my pants and couldn’t finish. everything happens for a reason tho lol,” Lil Nas X lamented.