Lil Reese Apologizes For Humiliating A Homeless Man

Lil Reese

“I will be giving away money to the homeless community.”

Lil Reese is asking for forgiveness. The 30-year-old recording artist took to Instagram to offer an apology for taking part in blatantly demeaning an unknown man.

Earlier this week, footage of Lil Reese and others humiliating a homeless person went viral. In the clip, an individual associated with Reese can be seen pouring a liquid on the man as he sleeps on the street.

“Get his ass, get his ass. Put that b#### on his head, put that b#### on his head. F### him!” yelled someone as Reese recorded the incident. The “Traffic” rapper captioned his Instagram Live video with laughing and facepalming emojis.

People across the internet began slamming Lil Reese for his actions. For example, One Instagram user commented, “You [are] too blessed to be doing what you did to the unfortunate, s###’s lame as hell.”

Reese returned to Instagram on September 7 to issue a mea culpa. He wrote, “I would like to apologize to my fans and everybody watching for recording and laughing while they were pouring water on the homeless man in the video.”

The Supa Savage mixtape creator continued, “I do not condone or support that type of behavior in [any way]. I will be giving away money to the homeless community as well as giving away food, clothes and water twice a month going forward.”