Lil Uzi Shocks Fans, Says He’s Bleaching His Skin

Lil Uzi Vert That's It [Official Music Video]

Lil Uzi teased a song with the lyric, “Bleaching my skin need umbrella,” could the skin bleaching claims be part of the rollout?

Lil Uzi fans were left shocked and confused confused after a series of tweets from the ” Eternal Atake” rapper announced he is bleaching his skin and his “brain been itchy.”  

He also changed his Twitter profile picture, twice. Firstly, to Michael Jackson followed by Vybz Kartel. 

He began with the announcement he plans to lighten his skin. “Bleaching my skin need umbrella,” Lil Uzi tweeted, with a big eye emoji. 

Michael Jackson’s complexion changed dramatically over the course of his career and he was accused of bleaching his skin. However, it was revealed that he suffered from vitiligo. 

Lil Uzi then caused fans to scratch their heads further with his next post.  

“Oh yea announce I don’t know a person on earth @ all brain been itchy,” adding a weary face and a ghost emoji. “So if you know me and I reintroduce myself don’t get offended,” He concluded, “Thank you so much signed Boop.”

He followed that up with, “Only thing I can remember is my grandma calls me Boop.”  

He then changed his profile picture again, this time to Vybz Kartel. The incarcerated Jamaican dancehall artist famously bleached his skin and then launched a line of bleaching products

Lil Uzi Shares New Song Snippet

However, his next post, captioned with a bar of soap, lotion bottle, and the unamused face could shed some light on the shocking skin bleaching claims. He teased a snippet of a new song featuring the lyrics, “Bleaching my skin need umbrella.” Is a skin bleaching scare part of the rollout?

Although it is unclear whether Lil Uzi is actually undergoing a skin-lightening process, he is sending a damaging message to his fans. Colorism is an issue that affects the black community worldwide, skin bleaching is alarmingly popular in some countries. This is not the message to be broadcasting during Black History Month or any other!