Lil Uzi Vert Explains Why They Looked Miserable On Their Birthday Despite Lavish Gifts From JT 

Lil Uzi celebrated their birthday surrounded by his loved ones with a celebratory dinner, but fans were concerned about his downcast demeanor.

Lil Uzi shared a message explaining they’re not a fan of birthdays after a video circulated showing the rapper looking miserable while celebrating his birthday. 

“Everytime I have a bday dinner I reflect on my past and it makes me sad,” Lil Uzi revealed. While their loved ones whooped and cheered, the “Demon High” rapper looked downcast in clips of the celebration.  

When someone suggested the Philadelphia native blow out the candles on the cake, Uzi could only respond with, “how?” Then when another guest told Lil Uzi to make a wish, they replied, “I don’t wish.” 

Lil Uzi Explains His Birthday Blues

After fans expressed concern, Lil Uzi later clarified their feelings about birthdays in a tweet.  

“Everytime I have a bday dinner I reflect on my past and it makes me sad,” they explained. “I don’t know why it’s just like that hug I never had ….. i be so excited in my head but be scared 2 show it 😂😂😂😂 crazy man ….thank you for loving me for me y’all💕 hate my bday lollll”

However, Lil Uzi was a picture of happiness when they saw what their girlfriend had gifted them for their birthday. The rapper has a beaming smile emblazoned across their face as they thanked JT for the motorbike and Maybach truck she copped for the special day.  

It appears that Lil Uzi had mentioned the truck in the past, and JT never forgot, saving the gift for a special occasion. “My girlfriend got me a maybach van and it’s fire,” they shared. “She listen 2 all my conversations lollll. I was like damn why you do that she was like because I love you … I was like no you don’t she was like yes I do Jatavia Johnson a mess.” 

Meanwhile, Lil Uzi announced plans to release a new EP Red & White, before the release of The Pink Tape album.