Lil Wayne Shocked At How Big The University of Colorado’s Football Locker Room Is

Lil Wayne says players will have a difficult time feeling bad after a loss with such a great space.

Rapper Lil Wayne went to visit Deion Sanders at his new home at the University of Colorado.

A video of him entering in the university’s football team’s locker room has hit the internet and captures the rapper being shocked at the fact that it is huge.

As he walks in with Primetime, he gets sidetracked and asks, “Wait … Is this the f##king locker room?”

Once he gets clarity, he says, “Come on, Man … It’s gonna be hard for them to feel bad after a loss, up in her. I am sorry.”

“I’m a let you know that now … before you start dealing with them … it is gonna be so hard to feel bad after a loss.”

The space is huge.

And on the walls are lightboxes with branded posters, just showing you the difference between the humble accommodations of Jackson State University, the has been sponsored by Pepsi Cola and designed by the Durrell Design Group and this high luxury facility that got an over $156 million rehaul in 2014.

There is a very clear difference and Lil Wayne could not contain himself.

As reported by, Deion Sanders was the coach at JSU, a historically Black College/ University before leaving to coach at the D1 school.

He received significant backlash but says he fulfilled his commitment and did great while he was there.