Lil Xan Sued For Pointing A Gun A Tupac Fan

Lil Xan is being hauled into court for pulling a gun on a Tupac fan in a 7-Eleven gas station in 2019.

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Lil Xan’s tough-guy act at a 7-Eleven could cost him big bucks.  

A guy named Anthony Sanchez is suing Lil Xan for pulling a gun on him during an altercation over Tupac Shakur. The rap star was in the crosshairs of Tupqc fans last year, after.he labeled the rap legends music as “boring” during an interview. 

Lil Xan was dragged by everyone from T.I. to Waka Flocka who called on the rap star to be banned from Hip-Hop for his comments 

The controversy hit a low point in June of 2019 when Sanchez confronted Lil Xan about the comments in a 7-Eleven parking lot in Los Angeles.

During a brief back and forth Sanchez called Lil Xan a b####. Lil Xan responded in kind, by pulling a gun out and pointing it at Sanchez. 

According to TMZ, Sanchez claims he feared for his life after Xan pointed the weapon at him and hit him with a cup, as he sped away from the 7-Eleven as a passenger in the SUV.

Anthony Sanchez is suing Lil Xan for emotional distress, and assault and battery.