Lil Yachty And Bhad Bhabie Hope To Revolutionize Dating For Jewish People

Lil Yachty and Bhad Bhabie

Lil Yachty and Bhad Bhabie just invested a ton of money into a new dating app for Jewish people called Lox Club.

After turning 18, raptress Bhad Bhabie has turned her eyes from being a hellion and now can be called a venture capitalist.

Rolling Stone is reporting that the “Cash Me Outside” artist will be partnering with Lil Yachty to put up money into a Jewish dating app called Lox Club.

The unlikely pairing has launched Scoop Investments, a special fund that will pour the capital resources into Lox Club. Their manager Adam Kluger and three other superminds are joining them in the venture that is billed as a Tinder for “Jews with ridiculously high standards” and “a virtual speakeasy hidden within an old-school deli.”

So what really makes this different from the other dating apps for Jewish singles?

Kluger explains the problem with the market as it stands without the Lox Club, “J-Date screams desperation, J-Swipe is just a p############. There’s a real gap in the marketplace. I was just so surprised at how cool it was. Yachty and Bhabie saw the passion when I was talking about and everyone started asking me questions. Eventually, I said we should come together and do it as a group.”

The Atlantic Records artist posted on her Instagram the good news with the caption: “big bag bhabie 💰👫excited to be a part of @loxclub Love and bagels biches.”

We said she was a venture capitalist and not a fully mature grown-up. Check out her comments on her manager’s page.