Lil Yachty Admits To Getting “Cooked” Over His Tattoos

Lil Yachty

A social media user clowns Lil Boat for not hiring a “good tattoo artist.”

Lil Yachty is no stranger to dealing with the wrath of the internet. Throughout his career, the Georgia native has faced online ridicule for his music, his outfits, his hair, and more.

This week saw social media now targeting Lil Yachty’s body ink. The @scubaryan_ X account shared a shirtless photo of the 26-year-old southerner with a caption that read, “Rappers spend so much money on jewelry but never on a good tattoo artist.”

That tweet about Yachty collected more than 2,000 replies, 5,000 reposts, 105,000 likes and 27 million views. The Let’s Start Here album creator reacted to the conversations about his tattoos, and specifically @scubaryan_ X’s comment.

Lil Yachty quoted the viral post and added a popular meme of professional athlete Adrien Broner. The 5-second clip features the multi-time boxing champion saying, “I ain’t gonna lie, I’m getting cooked.”

GQ interviewed Yachty about his tattoos in 2018 and he acknowledged the process is painful. When asked if he regretted getting inked, the Grammy-nominated musician responded, “No, I like them. I just hate them.”

While sections of the internet clowned Lil Yachty’s tatts, the Quality Control Music recording artist recently won over some Hip-Hop listeners thanks to his “The Secret Recipe” single. The track includes a Verse Of The Year candidate from Dreamville Records leader J. Cole.

Lil Boat also scored some favorable reviews for his Let’s Start Here studio LP which dropped in January. The 57-minute project debuted at No. 9 on the Billboard 200 chart and scored a 73/100 rating on the aggregation website