Lil Yachty Declares DaBaby Outrapped Jay-Z On Kanye West’s “Jail” 

Lil Yachty

The ‘Let’s Start Here’ album creator compares the NYC legend to the NC rapper.

The first episode of A Safe Place Podcast has people talking. During one part of the show, Lil Yachty shared his thoughts on Jay-Z and DaBaby.

Originally, Kanye West presented a Donda album track titled “Jail” featuring his Watch The Throne collaborator, Jay-Z. Then Ye came out with “Jail Pt 2.” which included DaBaby.

Lil Yachty and MitchGoneMad had a conversation on A Safe Place Podcast about the two “Jail” collaborations. According to Lil Yachty, DaBaby outrapped the legendary Brooklynite on the beat.

“Something I’ve wanted to talk about for a long time is the song ‘Jail’ from Kanye West,” Lil Yachty told MitchGoneMad. “In my personal opinion, I think DaBaby had a better verse.”

The 25-year-old southerner also added, “I know the conversation of Jay-Z versus DaBaby is insane, but I honestly think his verse was better. I feel that’s gonna get me a lot of heat anyway. Maybe not as heated as the whole Biggie situation I dealt with in 2016.”

Lil Yachty Once Called Rap Icon The Notorious B.I.G. “Overrated”

This isn’t the first time Lil Yachty has expressed debatable thoughts about a 1990s-era MC. The Georgia-bred rhymer faced significant backlash in November 2016 for saying he believed The Notorious B.I.G. was “overrated.”

Yachty later walked back his comments that same month. He stated, “I feel like I owe an apology. I didn’t think before I spoke on that topic. I know now how important and just how serious it is to some people. I didn’t want people thinking that I was disrespecting him because it wasn’t a disrespect thing.”

Some Hip-Hop fans continued to hold his comments about Biggie over Lil Yachty’s head. Two years ago, the “One Night” hitmaker reflected on those controversial remarks about the Brooklyn-bred rap legend.

“People hated me after that, like death threats, just a lot,” Yachty said. “I think that’s what really started that hate for me. I, with so many people just automatically trying to dump me like he’s whack, he’s corny, or whatever the case may be.”