Lil Yachty’s New Song Is One Of Oprah Winfrey’s Favorites

Rappers have been dropping people’s names in their songs, but what happens when you drop the most powerful woman in the world’s handle in your rhymes?

(AllHipHop News) Wanna make Oprah Winfrey giggle with glee?

Name your hit song after the media mogul.

Artists have name-check influential personalities and rich folk in their rhymes since they were boombapping in the South Bronx in ’73.

It is a quick way to prove you are aspirational while informing others on various movers and shakers.

It is also a no-brainer way to get the attention of someone that you probably would never kick it with ordinarily.

Rappers have used Donald Trump as a go-to. Movie star and just flat-out fine woman, Halle Berry has about 100 songs that mention her.

In fact, Spotify has a playlist that is called: Songs that Mention Halle Berry.

Well, Lil Yachty is already on the world stage… but was he ever on Oprah’s radar?

He is now.

His hit song “Oprah’s Bank Account,” along with its hilarious nine-minute music video to accompany it, has made its way to the Oprahsphere and she adores it.

How much does she adore the song?

According to the Associated Press, she said “I love it. I love it. I loveeeeeee it! Yes, I love it!

The song is hot but the video takes the cake as Lil Yachty dresses up as an Oprah like character named “Boprah” who interviews Drake as an in-studio guest and DaBaby via a clip.

While the song is a bop, it is not on the top of the Billboard rap charts right now, ranking at 23 in the nation.

How about this Oprah… when you do your next “Favorite Things List” on your new streaming show or your website, mention the song and let’s take this love to the next level.

We are sure that Lil Boat is with it.

Especially, since his new album, Lil Boat 3 comes out later this year.