Listen To DMX’s Posthumous Rock/Rap Release With Rock Group Deep Purple And Funk Legend Bootsy Collins


Check out this collaboration between DMX and three Rock & Roll Hall of Fame group members on the song “X Moves.”

DMX is on his way to enjoying a posthumous cross-over rap and rock hit – his collaboration with Ian Paice and Steve Howe has just been released.

“X Moves,” his rock/hip-hop hybrid that also features Parliament-Funkadelic star Bootsy Collins, dropped yesterday (April 8th).

“As X Moves shows, he is still one of the most innovative and original hip-hop artists around. Our hearts go out to all of DMX’s family, friends and supporters,” Deep Purple said in a statement.

The rapper was admitted to White Plains Hospital on Friday night (April 2nd) after suffering a heart attack. He spent seven days on life support, in a vegetative state.

Tragically, DMX never regained any brain function since he was hospitalized. The 50-year-old rapper died today (April 9th) after most of his major organs failed.