Lizzo Celebrates 6 Months Of Being A Vegan


Lizzo has changed her diet during the pandemic and decided to adopt a plant-based lifestyle.

Lizzo has adopted a vegan diet for the past six months after her grueling tour schedule led to her reverting from vegetarianism to “all animal products” at the beginning of lockdown.

The body-positive “Juice” hitmaker took to TikTok to open up on her plant-based lifestyle, as she reminded her fans to “love yourself at all stages in your life.”

At the start of her video, the star played footage of herself “making what looks like a stale donut poundcake milkshake type concoction,” before explaining that the footage was taken early in 2020 as she began to wind down from work amid the Covid-19 crisis.

She then inserted a clip of her “now,” which showed her “making my favorite vegan protein shake” – as she told her followers: “Honestly, I am both of these women, and I cannot condemn one woman or the other.

“I’m happy both ways, and right now, this is what’s bringing me joy,” smiled Lizzo, as she shared another clip of herself dancing around her kitchen in a sports bra and underwear.

“This is me at the beginning of quarantine. Happy. Loving myself. Dancing,” she said. “I’m still that happy girl, loving myself, and loving my body. Love yourself at all stages in your life, because you are who you are.”

The “Truth Hurts” star has been using her platform for good and, along with her self-love message, she’s also been calling on U.S. fans to get out and vote in November’s election by donning a sexy Uncle Sam costume to emphasize her point.