Lizzo Explains Why She Decided To Reveal Her Relationship With Myke Wright


Rap star/singer Lizzo opened up on why she decided to talk about her love life in her documentary, “Love, Lizzo.”

Lizzo has opened up about including her relationship with Myke Wright in her new documentary.

While speaking to Glamour, the “About Damn Time” singer discussed her decision to depict her relationship with the “Wonderland” co-host and stand-up comedian in “Love, Lizzo.”

“It was a tough decision because I could have completely left it out of the film, and trust me, there’s edits where it was done,” Lizzo said. “But it’s such a huge part of my life because of the kind of artist I am. I do write songs about him.”

She continued, “A lot of my songs are about love and about him, and of course, they’re about self-love, et cetera, et cetera. But, you know, this album is a love album.”

The HBO Max documentary follows Lizzo as she creates her latest album Special, which she revealed was in part inspired by her boyfriend.

“It was important to add that because I wanted y’all to get the complete story,” she told Glamour about showcasing her relationship in the film. 

“This is the definitive doc on me and how I’ve gotten this far. Now, if I need to do one with me and him one day, you know, breaking it down, that’s a different story. But I did need to at least introduce him because he’s very important to not just my personal life, but who I am as a creator.”

Lizzo confirmed she was in a relationship in April, and she made her red carpet debut with Myke in June. “Love, Lizzo” premiered last month.