Lizzo Gets Drunk With Seth Meyers But Refuses To Diss Oprah Or Beyoncé

Watch the two celebrities get lit and crack each other up.

Lizzo is a smart girl. Multi-Grammy Award-winning artist refused to say who she thought was more powerful: Beyoncé or Oprah.

While playing a drinking game with Seth Meyers, he asked the “Truth Hurts” singer who did she believe had more juice.

Check out the preview:

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Her response was classic.

She started laughing and said, “Beyonce watches your show? I f*cking doubt it. Not to be rude. I know Oprah watches.”

Part of the game, since she didn’t answer the question, the singer/rapper/flutist was required to take a drink.

She also refused to answer another question that could have been just as controversial. The comedian-turned-talk show host asked her who did she think was the most “overrated artist” out on the scene.

The plus-sized bombshell said she was not trying to break the internet with a response that would have surely gone viral. Instead, she opted to take another drink adding, “The internet’s already in shambles.”

Try as she did to keep the internet intact, the exhibitionist hopped on social media and posted a video of herself twerking in a green costume modeled after the Dr. Seuss Christmas staple that everyone loves with the caption: “100% That Grinch.”

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