Lizzo On Her Weight, ‘We All Know I’m Fat’


The “Boys” singer hopes that one day her size will be the standard.

Rapper and singer Lizzo wants people to know that she is fully aware of her full-bodied physique.

In an interview with People magazine, she sounded off on all of the comments people have about her weight.

She started off by stating flatly, “We all know I’m fat.”

The artist, who is rumored to scale in at a little over 300 lbs., has embraced a mindset of body positivity and is moving toward a healthier lifestyle.

“It doesn’t bother me. I like being fat, and I’m beautiful and I’m healthy,” the “Truth Hurts” artist said during her cover story interview. “So, can we move on?”

She is not the only person that likes her with that “good meat” on her bones. Several top male celebrities have lined up at her door.

Last year, reported rapper Swae Lee was flirting with the artists online after she posted pictures on Twitter of herself at Cardi B’s dancehall-themed birthday party. At the party, she wore a diamond-dusted sheer lavender outfit, and the Mississippi chart-topper could not resist expressing that he liked what he saw.

During those infamous demon hours (1:24 AM), he hopped on the post and tweeted a series of “looky look” eyes and heart-eyed emojis.

Today, she has the same confidence.

“I think I have a really hot body! I’m a body icon, and I’m embracing that more and more every day,” told the magazine. “It may not be one person’s ideal body type just like, say, Kim Kardashian might not be someone’s ideal, but she’s a body icon and has created a modern-day beauty standard. And what I’m doing is stepping into my confidence and my power to create my own beauty standard.”

She is hopeful about expanding the ideals of beauty, saying, “And one day that will just be the standard.”