Lizzo Says Elon Musk’s Twitter Has Become Too Toxic After Posting Tina Turner Tribute


Rapper Lizzo had to lock down her Twitter account after being targeted by haters on Elon Musk’s Twitter platform.

Lizzo has locked her Twitter account after receiving a stream of hateful messages.

In a pair of now-deleted tweets, the “Truth Hurts” singer shared that she’s been receiving an influx of attacks from people on social media.

“The amount of slander n hate I’m receiving on a daily basis is starting to confuse me,” she wrote in one tweet. “What am I actively doing to get this influx of disrespect in my mentions? I’m just trying to come on this app & enjoy social media like everyone else.”

She continued, “Anyways I been holding my tongue c## I don’t wanna seem ungrateful but I’ve done so much cool s### these last few weeks just for my mentions to be about how fat I am &/or use me for political discourse. Tired of this.”

The 35-year-old singer has been on tour supporting her 2022 album Special.

At her Wednesday night show in Phoenix, Lizzo paid tribute to the late Tina Turner with a rendition of the Queen of Rock’s 1970 song “Proud Mary.”

After the show, Lizzo unlocked her Twitter account and posted a video of the performance, which reportedly enticed more hateful messages.

“Alright… I’m locking my page again,” she tweeted shortly afterward. “I just wanted to share my Tina Turner tribute with everyone… But I’m going back to protecting my peace.”