LL Cool J, Fat Joe Slated For Reboot Of “Behind The Music”

LL Cool J

Some of the best rappers are featured on the reboot of VH1’s#### series “Behind The Music”!

VH1’s Behind the Music, a hit biographical series from back in the day, is being revamped by the streaming Paramount+, and will feature Hip-Hop stars like LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe and Jennifer Lopez.

Two brand new episodes, spotlighting Ricky Martin and the Ladies Love, will debut on July 29, setting up for a weekly series to start on the following Thursday.

J-Lo’s episode will be in the one of the first to air in the second part of the first season. It should not be lost at how Hip-Hop is housing the Behind the Music franchise.

While many counted the music off as rubbish, it has recently become the most popular genre of music in the world.

Museums like the African American History Museum in Washington DC and the National Museum of African American Music in Nashville have dedicated full sections to the music that came from the hearts of poor young Black and Brown children from the Bronx and now has spread to the world.

The Universal Hip Hop Museum, located in the Bronx where both LL Cool J and Fat Joe attended its recent ground breaking, is solely dedicated to the preservation of the music and spirit.

Busta Rhymes and Fat Joe all have spanned almost four decades in the culture. LL Cool J can boast that he’s been rocking the bells for five, debuting his first song in 1985.

Fans will learn more about his journey after watching this series that is sure to blow your mind. Behind the Music Season 1, Part 1** Release Schedule:

Ricky Martin: July 29
LL Cool J: July 29
Huey Lewis: August 5
Busta Rhymes: August 12
Duran Duran: August 19
New Kids On The Block: August 26
Bret Michaels: September 2
Fat Joe: September 9