Loaded Lux Drops Diss Record — No One is Spared (But Two Respond Swiftly)

Loaded Lux

Loaded Lux shaking up the battle rap world with a brand new diss record with “G.O.D.” 

There used to be a sentiment that battle rappers can’t rhyme on beat. Well, that of course is not based on history. Some of Hip-Hop’s greatest battles have happened on track.

LL Cool J was known for bombing on people through song. Roxanne Shanté made a whole career doing that. 50 Cent, KRS-One, and Tupac set the industry aflame when they decided to set it off on their enemies with lyrical warfare. 

And no one can forget about how nutso the Drake vs. Meek Mill or Drake vs. Pusha T diss tracks were.

But now, there is an energy of battle rap that has stepped out of the sport and has given the rap world something that can activate all of our toxic competitive urgings. Check out the latest heat from some of your favorite battle rap emcees.


When Loaded Lux dropped “G.O.D.” in the wee midnight hours, no one could imagine the way the song would shake up the battle rap world. 

“Play, bang … Point made … That the truth don’t get old but it’s what you needs (knees) like joint pain … Hospital nurse view … Talkers got to reverse a verbal … Every last name gets a walker. No, not Herschel … The earth, moon, and then the son. That’s the one … That they deem eternal … I burn through … Who they think bright, its daylight (Daylyt) who they gotta turn to … The science goes on inside us … Like me, you should take it personal … Cause these jeans don’t come with socks on with the thermal … Popcorn on the kernel … Back like y’all was checking for DNA before them Ancestry.com commercials … Your fans gotta inner stand … Like wait, yeah, in the stands … Y’all want me to take a stand but then want me to take a Stan … This a love tap when them hubs cap, ain’t your lady’s van … Your favorite brand MCM hammer, mentally crazy man.”

Therein the stellar diss track, where he took shots at all the bubbling heads in the culture, Boston rapper Chilla Jones got hit with a couple of bullets:

“For me to make a Chilla … better chill for I make chilli … I’m the only goat on this hill, Billy … Just a killer, I’m Achilles … Really.” 

Shortly afterward, the master scheme responded with his answer, “RE: LOADED.”

“Machete blade … hit him … he bleeds blood … I guess I got to split beloved to be loved … You can’t better this with a better diss … You jumped on a current wave but your flow it don’t ever switch …”

“I’m trying to be positive and let him live … As far as rankings go minus one and I am done being negative … Got to remember when everyone was scheming … from 2012 to 2016 … I am the reason.”

And moments later … so did West Coast rapper B-Dot (oftentimes referred to as Baby Lux) with his “Grey Area” song.

“It’s the Loaded One, yeah the Loaded One that never shows his gun … Fans follow him to the freedom-land like he Moses, huh?… I’m about to put this gas underground like petroleum … Think he God-sent to this … (gunshot) … Now he the holy one … You ain’t the only one trying to rap riddles about ancient scribes … Papi’s its levels … trying to stare at the sun, I’m making you blind.”

He clapped back upon hearing this clear snipe at him.

“Smack on my phone to negotiate … I said ‘The only way you gon get me on the card if it say Happy Father’s Day’ … Come on, ay … N##### know what’s up … Dog’s a pup … B. Dot’ll take a L every round … That’s (L)ittle (L)oaded (L)ux (Lol) … You forgot ‘cause of stardom? I’m the heart of the problem? Your upstairs club, where? The rooftop started in Harlem … I’m a proven vet … Mob ties the only dots we recognize (Um) … Start with Mook and Rex, I mean, with all due respect.”

Do you think that the two newer class emcees got the best of the man that many consider one of the Mt. Rushmore of battle rap? Or … do you think that Lux is Lux … and no one is touching him.