Locals Want Clampdown On CIAA Events 100 Rounds Squeezed Off At Rapper Young Dolph


(AllHipHop News) A shootout on a downtown street in Charlotte, North Carolina has left residents terrorized and shellshocked.

Someone squeezed off over 100 rounds on a downtown street in the city, during the annual CIAA basketball weekend last month.

Rapper Young Dolph has verified he was the target of the shooting, which happened on February 25, in broad daylight.

Cops of been clear that the gunfire was not connected to any CIAA related event, but the local citizens don’t care either way.

Homeowners are calling for local authorities to clamp down on the events surrounding CIAA weekend, thanks to the most recent outbreak of violence.

According to The Charlotte Observer, The First Ward Neighborhood Association recently held a gathering seeking to change how permits are given for events during the weekend.

Among the proposals were restrictions to events near high-density areas, requiring the use of off-duty Charlotte police officers and notifying authorities and residents of any events taking place.

“We are focusing on private parties,” Committee chair Julie Eiselt said. “The CIAA doesn’t know who (the people throwing the parties) are. We need to see what the permitting process is. Are they using the permit in the way they said they would intend to? How can we make this safer?”

Police in Charlotte say they are close to making an arrest in the most recent shooting, which many have speculated jumped off during a feud between Young Dolph and Yo Gotti.

Last year Young Dolph was also reportedly targeted during CIAA weekend, while residence to say acts of violence have been occurring for years.

Charlotte police said have affirmed they have retrieved cell phones and a laptop that were left at the crash scene, where several SUV’s and a van were left behind.

The cops are analyzing the electronics for forensic evidence and say arrests are imminent in the shooting.