Logic Explains How Solving A Rubik’s Cube In Less Than 15 Seconds Helped His Rap Career

Logic with a Rubik's Cube

Logic shares his love for the Rubik’s Cube, highlighting the similarities between solving the puzzle and making raps. Read more.

Grammy-nominated rapper Logic recently showcased his incredible skills with the Rubik’s Cube while drawing parallels between the iconic puzzle and his journey in the music industry.

The video, uploaded by the official Rubik’s channel, showcases the personal significance the cube holds for him and how it is intertwined with his unconventional career in the music business.

In a frank conversation, Logic reflected on his unique position in the Hip-Hop industry, saying, “All I ever wanted was like to be accepted by people and this and that, but I’m walking into Hip-Hop solving Rubik’s cubes and talking about anime and ‘Star Wars’ and it’s like not a vibe, but through it, I was always myself. I am the first of my kind. [A] mixed race, Rubik’s cube-solving, anime-loving rapper, and there has never been nobody like me before.”

Logic also delved deep into the frustrations and triumphs of mastering the Rubik’s Cube.

“There’s been times when I was so frustrated trying to solve. Angry, you know, legitimately, it wasn’t fun. So when I would find myself upset because I couldn’t break a minute and then two months later, I was kicking myself because I couldn’t break 30 seconds, and then it was 20 seconds. I think that was a really special time because I cared so much, but then it wasn’t fun anymore.”

The rapper said the narrative mirrored the highs and lows of his musical journey, where passion sometimes gives way to frustration, only to be reignited by a deeper understanding and love for the craft.

Drawing a parallel between his approach to music and solving the cube, Logic explained, “The way that I learned the algorithm is very much so how I write raps. So if I was going to rhyme, I would do it one line at a time and then I would rhyme that rhyme constantly in my mind…the algorithm, I don’t even remember it anymore, so it’s become muscle memory, which is how I do my raps to this day.”

In the video, Logic immerses himself in solving the cube in less than 10 seconds.

“This is not a competition, this is not I’m not sitting trying to, you know, speed solve this thing, this is me just enjoying it, so I’m in no rush and I’m solving that first layer, and this is literally that,” he shares, emphasizing the joy and fulfillment that comes from the journey itself, rather than the accolades and recognition.