Longtime Lakers Fan Snoop Dogg Shows Love To The Clippers, Says Lakers “Sucked This Year” (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Snoop Dogg is a serious sports fan, and the California native has always repped hard for his Los Angeles Lakers. It was a down season for the franchise, while the other L.A. team is still competing for a championship. Has Snoop switched his allegiance to ride with the Clippers? The Bush album creator spoke about both teams during a game of “Puff or Pass” with Power 106.

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“I got a lot of friends on [The Clippers] that I really got love for. And I learned how to love my friends regardless what team they play for,” Snoop admitted. “And the Lakers sucked so bad this year.”

Snoop has not completely abandoned his favorite team just yet. The West Coast rapper told The Cruz Show hosts he attended a Clippers game purposely wearing a purple suit, the Lakers color. But Snoop also supports Chris Paul and company because they represent L.A. and because of the turmoil the team went through last year over then owner Donald Sterling’s racially insensitive comments.

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Watch Snoop Dogg’s interview below.