Lord Jamar Says Eminem Is No Different Than Macklemore Or Justin Timberlake


(AllHipHop News) During the recent public discussions about the appropriation of “Black music” by White artists, one Caucasian entertainer closely connected with Hip Hop has relatively gotten a pass. Eminem is regarded by many as one of the greatest to ever pick up a microphone, so his skill set (and his acknowledgement of the history of the culture) usually provides him with cover from accusations he is “stealing” from African-Americans.

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Brand Nubian’s Lord Jamar does not think Em should be left out of the conversation. The 25 year Hip Hop veteran tells VladTV that there is no difference between Eminem’s take on Hip Hop than what Macklemore and Justin Timberlake has done.

“He’s doing the same thing that they’re doing. Why not be thrown in with them?” asked Jamar. “What are we saying bad about them? We’re just stating facts. They’re all White people that do Black music. What’s different about him?”

Jamar does recognize that Em is a talented emcee and he studied the culture. Later in the interview, he even states he enjoyed The Slim Shady LP, but for Jamar, the Detroit rhymer is not the most skilled emcee he has experienced.

“He’s good, but at the end of the day, I don’t feel Eminem. Most people that I know don’t feel him,” he added. “Cause he talks some s**t Black people don’t really relate to. I don’t relate to killing my mother and my f**king girl, taking pills, and all this stupid s**t. That’s what a lot of White dudes rhyme about – how far they can take it on the crazy meter… I don’t care technically how good it is… There’s no soul in that s**t.”

Previously Jamar gave another opinion about the comparison between Eminem and Macklemore. In March, he suggested to VladTV that Em winning rap Grammys was not the same as Mack taking home the same trophies.

“Eminem is a different kind of story. He came up worshiping Black emcees. He was the first one that White people were able to look up to and worship,” said Jamar. “But you gotta look at the altar he originally worshiped at. It was the altar of the Black emcee. He did the study.”

Jamar’s most recent sit down also includes him claiming he does not have a problem with Eminem or Macklemore. But the New York rapper/actor does not want to see White artists promoting ideas that he feels are not “customarily acceptable” in Hip Hop.

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Watch Lord Jamar’s interview below.