Ludacris Calls For Nationwide George Floyd College Scholarship Fund

A variety of stars were on hand to pay their respects to George Floyd in Minneapolis

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(AllHipHop News) Kevin Hart and Tyrese Gibson are among the stars leading calls for change after attending George Floyd’s memorial service at North Central University in Minneapolis on Thursday.

The stars received shoutouts for their support as they mourned Floyd’s tragic death alongside his family and friends, after the African-American man was killed at the hands of white police officers in Minneapolis.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, “Jumanji: The Next Level” star Kevin said his presence at the memorial was about “standing with the family.”

“(It’s) just literally letting them know that they’re not alone,” he shared. “We now have a job to do, which is elevate our voices, use our platforms and really push the initiative for change. So for me, it was a no-brainer just to come.

“More importantly, when you just look at what’s going on globally, you look at the many different voices that are now being used and people are lying to themselves.”

He continued: “You make it a point to be a part of a mission that’s for good, and I think that right now it’s not only time for change, but I think that it’s happening. There’s a positive in every negative, and I think there’s gonna be an amazing positive coming out of this.”

Tyrese Gibson, who also attended the service, reflected on how, “unfortunately as a black man, we have been in these rooms way too many times.”

“God has given us all a platform, a stage, an influence… this pain is going to turn into a lot of benefits for a lot of people,” he commented. “I thank God I am here. I just want to send my most sincere prayers. I just hope the family will invite Lord Jesus Christ, because only he can give them a level of security and stand with them. This all hurts.”

At the memorial service, Dr. Scott Hagan, president of North Central University, announced that a scholarship fund had been established in Floyd’s name, and rapper Ludacris admitted he hopes colleges and universities across the country follow suit.

“All universities need to start a George Floyd scholarship for black students,” he said. “That’s exactly what needs to happen.”

Actress Tiffany Haddish was also present at the memorial, and took to social media to say she was “blessed and honored” to have been invited, and urged fans to continue to “fight for our lives.”